A while ago, when Lila and I were first tossing around ideas for a joint book blog, she made an introductory post with 25 facts about herself. I had fully intended on making my version of the post before we went live, and subsequently forgot all about it (whoops). Better late than ever!

Welcome to our blog! It is a pleasure to have you here. My name is Claire, and here are 25 facts about me.

  1. I was born in the Year of the Dog.
  2. The above fact is extremely relevant to who I am as a person, because I have an endless capacity of love for dogs.
  3. Last fact about myself concerning dogs: seeing a video of a dog doing dumb things is 1000% guaranteed to make me feel better about life, no matter how stressed/tired/upset/angry I am.
  4. I am a Slytherin. I knew this as a child just from reading the books, but Pottermore has confirmed it on two separate occasions.
  5. I am studying mechanical engineering.
  6. I cannot roll my Rs. Not even a little. (Note: this makes it impossible for me to say “dog” in Spanish. (Okay, so I lied about #3 being my last dog fact.))
  7. While my sense of humor tends to be on the dry side, I absolutely LIVE for puns.
  8. I am terrible at making puns.
  9. One skill I would really like to learn is to identify wines by taste and be able to pair them with foods.
  10. I have a three way tie for favorite movie: Finding Nemo, the entire extended edition Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Prestige.
  11. My favorite music artist usually changes based on what I’m currently listening to. Since I have been exclusively listening to the Hamilton soundtrack for the last three months, I’d have to say my favorite artists are the Hamilton cast members.
  12. While I absolutely love musical theater, I possess 0 talent for singing. Or dancing. Or acting. But I’m a great audience member!
  13. I can’t sing the high notes in “Happy Birthday” so I always have to change octaves halfway through.
  14. I have extreme wanderlust: I want to travel and see beautiful things and experience different cultures and learn new languages and eat ALL the food.
  15. I can speak French decently and plan on picking up a third language next year.
  16. I used to play a LOT of sports. Now I play 0.
  17. I want to be as knowledgeable about a books series as Stephen Colbert is about the Lord of the Rings.
  18. I really like pretty clothes.
  19. I LOVE lipstick. Preferably dark red.
  20. I’m 5’10.
  21. My friend and I once seriously considered trying to ask Tina Fey to prom.
  22. I love cooking and baking, largely because I love eating the things I cook/bake.
  23. I really admire people who can draw well and hope to improve my art skills one day.
  24. Whenever I’m in reading slumps I just read mass amounts of fanfiction.
  25. This is my first blog ever, so I’m going to try really hard to add content on a regular basis!

And that’s me! Or, at least, as much of me as you can glimpse within 25 facts.

Happy reading,



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