Claire & Lila’s Weekend Rewind | April 18-24, 2016

What We’ve Been Reading



What We’re Currently Reading


…with midterms coming up, I’m holding off starting anything new until The Raven King!



What We’ve Been Blogging


This past week I started two new segments: #WWCW and Igniting the Passion! In lieu of doing problem sets, I’ve also been adding some photos over on our Instagram page.


I haven’t done much blogging aside from the usual weekly memes and segments over at The Bookkeeper’s Secrets. Cait’s (at Paper Fury) list of 22 things to do before she reaches 22 really inspired me, so I did my own! It’s definitely late, but I was inspired, so better late than never! Other than that, I’ve been kinda laying low, taking it easy, but hopefully I’ll have some good content for y’all soon 🙂

What We’ve Been Liking


SUNSHINE! It’s finally been getting warm around here, which means I’ve been able to break out the sundresses and sandals!


FEELING UPBEAT! I was in a pretty good mood these past two weeks and have really felt like making some positive changes. Of course with depression, anxiety, and chronic illnesses, you have your up times and your down times, so I’m not expecting to feel so positive forever, but it’s really nice while it lasts and I enjoy it and savor it in the moment.

In Other News


Book-wise, these next two weeks should be so exciting! The Raven Cycle comes out Tuesday the 26th and A Court of Mist and Fury comes out May 3rd. (!!!!) I can’t believe the wait for these books is almost over. Look for reviews in the coming weeks!


I’ve been slowly learning basic HTML and CSS! I’m really having fun doing it and it’s something that I can do while in bed or out of bed, so it’s a win-win kinda thing. I’ve been practicing it on my blogspot, so it’s fun to see my skills turned into something concrete! I’ve also been doing a bunch of stuff with my graphic design and looking up royalty free resources for that, so I’m having a ton of fun in that arena! Otherwise, I’ve just been chillin’ like a villain.


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