Somehow, between publishing this post and then going back to add tags, all of the body text got deleted. My luck is impeccable as always, because this was the one time where I didn’t first write a draft in OneNote–I just did it directly. Unfortunately, I’m under a time crunch studying for a midterm and don’t have the time right now to rewrite this post. I will do so by Friday morning at the latest!

Update 5/6/16: Now that midterms and classes are done (for the week), I finally have time to give Maggie Stiefvater the post she deserves.

I chose Stiefvater for this week’s #wwcw in honor of the recently released The Raven King, the fourth and final installment of The Raven Cycle. And wow, that was one of the more satisfying ends to a series that I’ve read in a while!

Stiefvater has a talent for creating these incredibly unique story lines. In The Scorpio Races, the story focuses on a girl who decides to enter a race on vicious water-horse creatures, despite the fact that she would be the first girl to do so and she would be riding a regular horse. The plot summary for The Raven Cycle could be outlined as “not-psychic daughter from a family of psychics befriends four prep school boys and joins them on their quest to wake a centuries old Welsh king in the foothills of Virginia”. And while that summary is accurate, it just barely scratches the surface of what those books are about.

Each book Stiefvater writes is incredibly nuanced and filled with subtleties that I often miss my first time through. On Tumblr, Stiefvater once said that she likes to “move about the emotional furniture in readers’ heads while their backs are turned”–a gorgeous statement which I feel accurately describes her writing style. Her characters feel real enough that I half expect to look up from my book and see them sitting beside me.

Maggie Stiefvater’s imagination, whimsy, and style definitely make her deserving of this week’s #wwcw!


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