Harry Potter Sorting | The Raven Cycle

Hello witches and wizards, Muggles and Squibs, and everyone in between! The Hogwarts house you’re in can say a lot about who you are. Since both of us are Potterheads, we have decided to start a monthly segment where we sort characters from novels into the different Hogwarts houses. Today we are sorting Blue and the Raven boys from Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle!


LILA: I really feel like Blue is probably a Slytherin. I mean, she’s definitely got the attitude down. But beyond that, I think Blue’s actually really ambitious. There’s that line from The Raven Boys about how she’s not interested in telling other people’s futures because she’s interested in going out and making her own. I think that says a lot about her and what she really wants out of life…

CLAIRE: I think you make an interesting point, and I had definitely considered putting her in Slytherin. But, I think she’s more of a Ravenclaw (a Luna Lovegood-type Ravenclaw). For one, everyone (including Blue herself) always comments on how sensible a person she is. On the other hand, she continually shows curiosity about the world around her. Her thirst for knowledge isn’t the normal academic-type, but more about her place in the universe…

L: Those are interesting points. I guess I see her curiosity as going hand in hand with her ambition. Like, her ambition is to get out of Henrietta, to explore the world, and that requires curiosity (and bravery too). So she’s smart, but in a more Slytherin way, not in that knowledge is her ultimate goal–freedom is…

C: I definitely see where you’re coming with that– maybe she’s a Slytherclaw/Raverin…

L: She can definitely be both! (I have a feeling we’ll be saying that about a lot of characters, lol)

C: So hard to choose just one House!

L: I’m probably getting too philosophical here, but I would guess to say most everyone is a hybrid house because we’re more than just one thing.



C: Gansey was the easiest for me to sort– the way I see it, he’s a Gryffindor through and through. He believes he’s destined for something great (kingly, even) and he’s not afraid to go anywhere in the course of his quest. He takes everything magical that comes his way in stride. Also, he’s fiercely devoted to his friends. Something about him just radiates that charismatic Gryffindor energy…

L:…Gansey…is interesting for me. See, at first I was like “Of course he’s a Gryffindor!” Obviously he’s brave and boisterous and wants go on all of these grand adventures. But the more I looked at him, the more he became a Ravenclaw…Because, unlike Blue in my eyes, for Gansey knowledge really is that ultimate goal. Knowledge of the world and most of all, I think, of himself. That’s what he’s after…But if you look at it from another angle, he’s loyal to a fault and super friendly, like Hufflepuffs! He’s one of those real blurry characters…

C: I guess when I think of Ravenclaws, I picture “studious” even though the search for knowledge can definitely be an adventure that takes place outside of a library. Still, I feel that Gansey would have chosen to be in Gryffindor. I just get the sense that he would want to be surrounded by people who strive for adventures and believe in some greater destiny…

L: I think you’re right on what he would have chosen. What he really is, though is debatable, I think. But in the end, the choice is what matters, it’s who you grow to be. So maybe he is a Gryffindor…

C: Well stated. Gah, people. So difficult to put into just one house!




L: These get harder as we go along!!! Ronan is…complicated…I think, at his heart, he’d be in Gryffindor. He’s stubborn and obviously brave (READ: reckless). He cares deeply about his loved ones like his mother and his brothers. And, at his core, I think he’s someone who really fights for his beliefs. He fights for his belief in Gansey and in something more…

C: Okay– I totally, totally see where you’re coming from. But, I’m going to put Ronan in…. Hufflepuff! Which at first glance seems like the least Ronan-y House, but I think it actually fits. The one thing Ronan values above all else is honesty, and I think that’s a very Hufflepuff trait. Also, I agree that underneath his incredibly acerbic exterior is someone who cares deeply about those he loves. He is intensely loyal to his friends, and demonstrates that through his actions if not his words. I think where this love and loyalty comes out most though is with regards to his family, Matthew particularly. So, while he’d definitely be the most badass and abrasive Hufflepuff around, I do think that’s where he belongs…

L: …Okay. I can see that…



C: I’m going to put Adam in Slytherin for the same reason you put Blue in Slytherin: ambition. Of all the Raven Boys (and Blue), Adam by far has the most ambition, and resourcefulness to accompany it. Despite living in poverty, he works multiple jobs to support himself at school and keeps up his grades to maintain his scholarship. He dreams of doing something beyond the scope of Henrietta, and he’ll use everything in his arsenal to make that dream come true. And speaking of dreams… his actions in The Dream Thieves definitely show that he’s not above unscrupulous actions to defend those he cares about…

L: I 100% agree with you on everything you said! Slytherin for Adam!

C: Finally one we agree on!

L: It was getting tense there for a hot second!



L: Ah, Noah! My sweet little pumpkin pie! I think he’s definitely a Hufflepuff–loyal beyond the grave!

C: I think it’s great that you refer to him as a pumpkin pie. I definitely think of him as a puppy, haha! Noah was hard for me to sort, because of everyone in the group we know least about him. (Or, at least, the way he was.) I definitely agree with him as he is in the books as being a Hufflepuff. But, it’s said that the way he is in the books now is much less that what he used to be. I wonder if at one point he was more of a Gryffindor. Not that I think that being a Hufflepuff is less than being a Gryffindor, but I wonder if some aspects of pre-book Noah (the one that was eager to help his friend on a mythical quest) was more daring and boisterous–more like Gansey.

L: That does make sense, I guess, but to me it seems like even in his life before book 1, he was always a follower, rather than a leader…

C: Very true, I didn’t think of that. Then I am sticking with my initial assessment: Hufflepuff!

L: Yay for Hufflepuff! (suiting to end on that note as J.K. Rowling says it’s the dawn of the age of Hufflepuff, lol)


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