Weekend Rewind | May 15, 2016

What We’ve Been Reading




What We’re Currently Reading



What We’ve Been Blogging


Not much, unfortunately. This will probably remain the case until summer arrives, which is thankfully less than a month away!


I couldn’t go to BEA & Bookcon, so I participated in the very fun Armchair BEA. But other than that, not much happened. It was a pretty chill week!

What We’ve Been Liking


Some friends recently got me into romance novels and I cannot stop reading them. They’ve proved terrible for my productivity but I’ve always had issues when it comes to prioritizing homework over reading. No regrets!


I strengthened my habit of late night blog hopping this past week by reading a ton of great blog posts and watching some awesome booktube videos. I was really interested in Emma’s booktube video on sponsorships and Sara Ella’s vlog on author etiquette on Goodreads (from an author’s perspective).

In Other News


School will not be letting up any time soon, and will probably only get exponentially worse in the next few weeks as it gets closer to finals. For now, my Igniting the Passion series is going to have to wait. On the bright side, I have a notebook where I jot down comments on books I read, so hopefully once summer arrives I’ll be churning out book reviews!


Oy (#oywiththepoodles)! It was quite a week! I helped my mom move, went to the Geek Girl brunch in my city, and then something came up at the end of the week that sucked away all of my time! So as you can see, I was pretty busy. But it wasn’t a bad week. Actually, aside from all the work, it felt pretty normal. For the past two months, my mom and I have been staying in a different town during the week (where she has her psychology internship) and coming home on the weekends and the drive between the two places is about 4 hours. So we’d leave on Mondays at 4 am, stay in the town all week, leave on Saturdays at 4 am, and arrive at home for the weekend, repeat x 1234568909876543. This past week her internship ended so we’ll be at home from now on (YAAAAAYYYY!!!). So that’s really nice. But other than that, life’s been chill. It was another slow reading week. I don’t know what is wrong with me. It was like I was a reading machine and now I’ve just burnt out. And of course now is the time when all my library books check out! Argh!!! *shakes fist* But I’ll work it out. I have to remind myself that I can always renew them (but I just want to read them all now!!!).


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