Weekend Rewind | May 22, 2016

What We’ve Been Reading




What We’re Currently Reading





What We’ve Been Blogging




Not much has happened. I did do a guest post on BookStacksAmber about mental health and writing mental health, though! That was fun! But otherwise, it’s been pretty quiet!

What We’ve Been Liking


Lila finished her sections of this post before me, so this is a response to her comments below: I LOVE THE BROODS!!!! I really like Mother & Father (first listened to it when I was living alone over the summer–it was just so fitting) and Bridges by them. And L.A.F. And Four Walls. I guess it’s safe to just say I really like all their songs. It makes me so happy you like them too!


I’ve been getting back in touch with music and listening to music a lot more. I rediscovered a ton of great new artists on Saturday including BROODS, Florrie, and Arctic Monkeys, among others. So I’m enjoying that. I saw the season 3 finale of The 100 which was stellar! I can’t believe I have to wait a year for season 4, though! I went blog and twitter hopping on Saturday evening, so I also discovered a great bunch of new blogs which I’ll be checking out from now on! Aaaaaand that’s about it for my weekly likes! What did you discover this past week?

In Other News


My workload is still overwhelming, so I won’t be blogging much. Luckily, the quarter is over in T-2 weeks, and then it’s SUMMER! (!!!!) I’ll be traveling a bit right at the start, but then I plan on turning into a blogging machine. Also, since a lot of my problem sets don’t involve words, I’ve been able to multitask and listen to audiobooks, so at least my reading hasn’t come to a complete halt.


Welp. My internet was supposed to be fixed last week. Turns out it wasn’t. *Sigh* So that’s being taken care of and my mom and I are trying to work around patchy internet. But other than that, it was a great week! My boyfriend had an interview in my hometown area so he flew out here and we spent 2 hours together. It was a short period of time, but it was just nice to see him. Plus he brought me some of my books that I left with him! I also ordered these great new glasses frames–fuschia, square cat-eye Lilly Pulitzers! I’m so excited to get them and fill them. The bad new, though, is that my eyesight is so bad that my lenses are going to be really, really, really expensive, so it’ll be a squeeze for my family.

In terms of my reading life, I’m still moving really slowly. Usually it takes me 3 days to finish an audiobook, 2 for books I really love, but lately it’s been taking me 5-7 days! I think I’m just worn out. I feel that in my blogging life too, being worn out, especially of good ideas. I’m not too worried about it, though, because I’m creative and I always find something to do. I just wish I was finishing more books.



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