Happy Woman Writer Crush Wednesday, where I fawn over my favorite female writers. Today’s feature: Rainbow Rowell.


Whenever people ask me: what book do you relate to most? I immediately answer Fangirl. In all the YA books I’ve read, nothing has come as close to portraying the reality of college as Rowell’s depiction in Fangirl. While listening to the audiobook, so many of the insecurities I had felt my freshman year were echoed back to me as Cath learned to navigate college life–I distinctly remember eating lunch in my dorm room the first few weekends because I didn’t want to go to the dining hall by myself and didn’t yet feel comfortable enough with anyone to ask them to come with me. At the same time, I also identified with Wren. I frequently felt the same yearning to start anew and experience the checklist of stereotypical drunken college experiences.

What really hit home though was the world of fandom portrayed in Fangirl. I have made so many friends through common interests in various fandoms, and have found so many new passions through platforms like Tumblr. Way too often, fanfiction (and the teenage girls that frequently write it) are belittled in the media and by others. Which is crazy to me. I have literally read multichapter fanfics longer than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix–how can you not admire the amount of talent and dedication it takes to do something like that? For free, no less. I loved Fangirl for bringing the world of fandom to the forefront with honesty, humor, and heart.

I have read two of Rowell’s other works, Eleanor and Park and Carry On, and was impressed with both. One of these days I will write a review waxing poetic on Carry On–one of the few books I can ever remember reading, finishing, then immediately rereading. As for the rest of her books, they are on my TBR list and I plan on reading them soon!

ONE LAST THING: Next week, Lila will be taking over #WWCW! Look out for her post!


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