Weekend Rewind | May 29, 2016

What We’ve Been Reading




Heheheh. So. You might have seen my slightly over dramatic post on being in a reading slump.

giphy (10)

If you didn’t see it you should a) check it out because it’s awesome and b) know that I’m currently in a reading slump. So I’ve been jumping around from book to book, not finishing anything.

What We’re Currently Reading




I was in desperate need of fluff so I finally picked up The Crown by Kiera Cass. And you know what? It’s working (knock on wood). My reading slump is dulling.


What We’ve Been Blogging


meep. One week from now, I will be done with school! Blog posts will flourish!


Ah, blogging slump, you’ve overstayed your welcome…


Once again this past week’s posts were scarce. I think it’s safe to say I’m also in a blogging slump. I just haven’t been feeling motivated or in the mood to post or respond to comments. Sorry, guys. Sometimes life just hits you all at once and lately I’ve been taking the punches. I’ll get back into the groove, but right now I’m just not feelin’ it…

What We’ve Been Liking


Lately, in order to diversify the music I listen to (read: the Hamilton soundtrack), I’ve been listening to songs from Rent. I forgot how much I love this musical, and listening to the soundtrack really makes me want to read more about the ’80s and ’90s when the AIDS epidemic was at large. I’ve read Two Boys Kissing, but I’d love to know if you guys have any other recommendations for me!


I recently discovered an incredible new booktuber who’s a reader and a writer named Francina Simone. She discusses really important topics like authenticity in storytelling, demanding quality work from publishers, and diversity in a really in depth manner and her videos are on point. I seriously suggest you check her out.

In Other News


Freedom…so close! I have a final speech today, a problem set tomorrow, and exam Thursday, a final project due Friday, a final project due Sunday, an exam Monday, and a final project due Tuesday night–then I am DONE. Shout out to the professors who decided to give both a final exam and a final project!


I CHANGED MY MAJOR TO BIOLOGY (I was a physics major)! I still don’t know whether I want to do microbiology, bioinformatics, bioengineering, or biochemistry, but I have time to decide. And I can always switch back to physics. Right now I’m just taking time to explore different fields. But I’m hoping to stick with this one.

But otherwise, not much is going on. I’m just chillin’ like a villain.





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