Weekend Rewind | June 27, 2016

What We’ve Been Reading


I am reading multiple books, but have yet to actually finish anything…





What We’re Currently Reading


I got a LOT of ebooks from the library and somehow need to finish them all in the next two weeks.


I’m about 3/4 done with The Star-Touched Queen and just began Lumberjanes Issue 3

What We’ve Been Blogging


Hopefully this summer I’ll be able to write (at least) one review a week. If I do it enough it will eventually become second nature, right? At least that’s the theory. Check out my review for Charlie Jane Anders’s All the Birds in the Sky here!


*deep breath in**prepares to speak**lets breath out*


Actually, that’s kind of a lie! Over on Inspired by Books I made and released some art and will be releasing a crap ton more this week, so check it out and stay on the alert! (Sorry, that was a shameless self plug at the end of that last sentence)

What We’ve Been Liking


(In response to Lila’s gif below) YASSSSSSSS JOIN ME IN BEING HAMILTRASH.

I was looking through sites I had bookmarked ages ago, and stumbled upon this:


which is an excellent apocalyptic/dystopian webcomic featuring a hella diverse cast of characters. Definitely worth the read!



So I discovered this little ol’ musical called Hamilton. Anyone familiar with it???

In Other News


I don’t think I could ever permanently live in the south. I went to a rodeo Saturday (which, while fun, made me feel really bad for the animals) and it was still 90F at 9pm. THAT IS NOT A REASONABLE HUMAN TEMPERATURE! I think I’ll stay above the Mason-Dixon line, thanks.


*in response to Claire* It’s just as bad with the unbearable cold for us Southerners when we travel above the Mason-Dixon line! I have no clue how y’all do it!

My new glasses came in the mail and they make me feel so pretty!!! But unfortunately, that was the extent of the good news this past week. The bad news is this: So you remember how my laptop’s power cord broke 2 weeks ago? Well, when I called the company 2 weeks ago to order a replacement, they said the replacement would come in 2-4 days…Yet, there I was, 2 weeks later, with no replacement power cord in sight. So I called up the company and you know what they told me? That the power cords for my laptop model are back ordered til august! Meaning they had lied when they originally told me I’d get my power cord in 2-4 days and to top it off I won’t be able to get one until August!!!


Luckily, I do have a backup chromebook. The unfortunate thing is that you can’t install software on a chromebook, so I’m limited in doing my bookish art 😛 But oh well. You take what you can get…


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